Interesting Take On ‘Politicians Vs Voters’

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While begging for votes, politicians always say that the voters are always gods. But in reality, our Constitution and the rules set in it, actually made politicians as a God but not voters. An interesting share is right now doing rounds on the Internet, where someone compared voter and politician.

Apparently, the first point highlighted in this share actually touches the Telugu voters who have recently got inked. “A politician could contest in two places, but a voter cannot vote in two places”. Sample this: Pawan Kalyan contested in two constituencies, but Shobhana Kamineni’s vote was deleted as her name was registered in two areas.

And then, the message continues, ‘you have to be a graduate to bag a government job, but a 10th class could become a Finance Minister if a political party wants’. And the message also spoke about how politicians with police cases could contest the election, but people with criminal cases against them can’t get jobs.

This interesting share is doing rounds everywhere as it asks in the end, ‘do you think the system should change?’.

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