Marksville mayor says animals are able to be adopted at shelter

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MARKSVILLE, La. (KALB) – There’s more concern over the animal shelter in Marksville.

You’ll remember, the little holding area was constructed after Mayor John Lemoine took office. That way permanent homes can be found for the stray dogs.

Prior to that, they were euthanized.

Last year, Mayor Lemoine shut down the shelter for a couple of weeks while they made a few needed repairs. Now, we’ve received some messages from folks saying they aren’t being allowed to come adopt the animals.

Mayor Lemoine told us that’s not the case.

He said while they do have screening process for certain dog breeds, all people have to do is contact City Hall.

“Get in touch with either Ms. Tammy Bailey, Boyd Clayton, or Mr. Donald Sampson,” explained Mayor Lemoine. “They’re the ones in charge of the yard and of animal welfare. You know, there’s no restrictions on the dogs being adopted. The only precautions is that none of the pit bulls that get adopted and put in fights and stuff. So we sort of watch who we let the dogs get adopted by, because it could present a problem.”

Mayor Lemoine also said the shelter is getting full, and they’re welcoming adoptions more than ever now. You can reach City Hall at 318-253-9500.

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