18 Mile Creek residents call on EPA for health study


LOCKPORT, N.Y. – – People who live along 18 Mile Creek in Lockport want the EPA to do more to protect their health.
the EPA visited Lockport Thursday night for a public meeting to propose its plan to remove lead-contaminated soil.

Residents and members of CAPON or Citizens Against Pollution, feel the remediation just isn’t happening fast enough, and that as a result, their health is on the line.

The federal agency proposed  its nearly $7 million plan to remove the contaminated soil from affected properties they’ve identified near the  old Flintkote plant, but they were first met by protestors for how long the process is taking.

They mourned the founder of the group – who spent years exposed to soil in order to get people’s attention about the issue – she died from terminal illness in January.

CAPON wants a comprehensive health study done from Lockport to Lake Ontario.

“I feel as though the health study needs to come very quickly,” said CAPON member Jean Kiene. “You talk to so many different people, and the answer is that they’re ill, and the illness is cancer.”

EPA remedial project manager Jaclyn Kondrk said the agencies will restore the properties with clean soil, and that they’ll work closely with residents.

“Anyone who would be visiting the properties as just a visitor for the day or any kind of short term visit, it would not be a risk to those people, and it would not be a risk to the surrounding community. The main risk that we’re looking at is a long term, chronic exposure over time to the soil on these properites.”

The EPA is targeting  26 properties. The multi-phased project has already demolished buildings and investigated harmful particles in the ground. The site was first put on the EPA’s national priority list back in 2012.


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