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The Association of Students of the University of Nebraska will discuss three pieces of legislation concerning the Huskers Helping Huskers Pantry+ and launching a self-care campaign before dead week during the body’s weekly senate meeting on Wednesday, March 6.

Members of the Freshman Campus Leadership Associates wrote these bills, according to speaker of the senate Jared Long. He sent an email to senators encouraging them to make sure the associates feel energized to implement their ideas on campus after the meeting.

“During the spring semester, [associates] work to design and implement a personal project to improve campus in some aspect like other members of ASUN,” Long said in a text. “Senate is very excited to hear what the associates have been up to.”

ASUN will discuss Government Bill 29, which moves to promote self-care activities and tips to succeed academically before finals week for students through the campaign “Going Places.” Fliers related to the campaign will advertise UNL’s mental health and academic success resources as well as encourage students to meet with their academic adviser. Computer stickers and Instagram stories will also be used to advertise the campaign.

If the bill is passed, ASUN will host a booth outside the Nebraska Union on Wednesday, April 10 from noon to 2 p.m. and allocate about $37 for sticker costs and up to $100 for printing costs.

Government Bill 30 moves for ASUN to sponsor the Empower fundraiser. According to the bill, students will sell computer stickers for $2 each to purchase female sanitary products for the Huskers Helping Huskers Pantry+.

If this bill is passed, students will fundraise outside the Nebraska Union on Tuesday, April 9, from 2:30 to 5 p.m. and also during Greek House announcements on Monday, April 8. Additionally, ASUN will allocate up to $100 to pay for the stickers.

According to Long, Government Bill 28 is likely to be postponed until next week. The bill moves for ASUN to sponsor the Huskers Helping Huskers food drive during the week of April 15. According to the bill, donation boxes will be placed in the Nebraska Union and residence halls to give more supplies to the pantry and promote its awareness.

The senate meeting will take place in Colonial Room A at the Nebraska Union at 6:30 p.m.

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