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A chocolate correspondent’s life is, one might fancy, glamorous. I try to pretend it is but, right now it isn’t. I’m alone in a hotel room having traversed town, eating dinner en route: a pretzel torn straight from its paper bag.

In front of me sit the spoils of a few days of chocolate hunting. These include three of the prettiest bars I’ve seen for a long time by Creighton’s, an all-women, UK-based chocolatier. I’m struggling to keep our relationship professional (just a nibble to taste and note) and not eat the whole lot out of sheer loneliness.

I struggled to decide which bars to buy because the wrappers are distractingly pretty: colourful, playful, with crackly paper linings (shame about the outer plastic wrapping, though, which seems superfluous) and all the names invited purchase: Jammy Hearts, Botanic Refresh, Cherry Amour, Coffee and Crumbs, to name three.

Custard cream

Custard cream

Craft chocolate this definitely ain’t (no bean origin is given, the couverture comes from Belgium). I chose three (£4.75/100g each): Custard Cream – couldn’t resist it as I love the biscuits of the same name – was every bit as sickly sweet as you imagine a white chocolate with smashed up biscuit in it to be. Not my thing, but if white chocolate is yours you’ll probably love it.



However, I liked Sweet and Salty, a 53% dark chocolate with bits of salty pretzel in (I was obviously in a pretzel mood). The fabulously named Jaffa Snaffler was 54% cocoa chocolate with – again – bits of biscuit and orange jelly in. And, yes, it really did taste like a Jaffa Cake.


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