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Clifton’s Jalapeno Acres will no longer grow and sell plants for the public next year, the company announced on its Facebook page.

Co-owner JoAnna Hayes wrote that she needs more time to concentrate on her family and home life and is unable to keep up with all of her tasks.

Hayes’ husband, Patrick, said JoAnna will still raise plants for her garden and the two have started beekeeping. She could resume the business in a few years, time permitting.

“We have six kids and we homeschool, so her time is pretty valuable,” said Patrick, who said he owns a plumbing, heating and cooling business. “It was a lot of hours to produce several thousand plants. It’s hard in the agricultural arena to make a profit.”

Jalapeno Acres produced mostly pepper plants and tomato plants. Patrick said JoAnna also grew basil and would try to find other exotic plants in her years running the business.

Patrick said he and JoAnna had a hobby farm that was just 3½ acres in size and not big enough to make a living solely on agriculture. They might try to sell honey from their beekeeping.

“Like a lot of folks who live in the country, most of the things you do to make money are just supporting your habit,” Patrick said. “We’re not sending our kids to college selling eggs and milk.”

■ Carlson Vineyards, 461 35 Road in East Orchard Mesa, recently wrapped up a program that led to a $1,100 donation to School District 51. The donation was in the form of school supplies that were given to the school district for distribution.

The WrenQuinn project — named after the middle names of owners Garrett and Cailin Portra’s children — produced 100 cases of wine with some of the profits going toward the school district donation.

Each bottle of wine included artwork by the Portras’ children on the label.

“We call it a family project,” Garrett Portra said.

Carlson Vineyards also has other special wine blends that benefit nonprofit and community organizations. Last year, the winery produced a red wine blend and donated $2 per bottle to the Colorado Canyons Association, a nonprofit that advocates for local conservation areas.

The school district was selected for the recent donation because Carlson Vineyards employs a teacher and the Portras have family who have been involved in education.

■ Black Canyon Animal Sanctuary, 42528 Needle Rock Road in Crawford, officially closed Aug. 1, the owner announced on Facebook.

Owners Debbie and David Faulkner had been involved in dog and cat rescue for more than 30 years, according to the business’ website. At Black Canyon Animal Sanctuary, they would take in stray or abandoned animals until a permanent home could be found. In some cases, the animals would live out their lives with the Faulkners.

Debbie wrote on Facebook that she had been pushing herself too hard and that it was time to step away.

“I’m realizing how hard I’ve been on my body, and I’m completely exhausted,” she wrote. “Some days I feel as though I cannot even move one finger.”


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