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Texting drivers obnoxious to you. Solution. Pull over, stop. Call 911″ Help. Driver texting might kill me.” Give location, plate No. type auto, color. You may save a life.-Yours!

We have the opportunity to have the safest, cleanest and cheapest water available. Why do Gerkin, Trombley and Beer keep avoiding this? We want aquifer sourced water now.

Can you guess how much in new bonuses workers received since Trump’s tax cuts were signed into law? The answer: On average $0.01. I wonder where the rest of the $ went.

One thing The Buzz proves: When you don’t have to attach your name, you can say pretty nasty, unkind things. The filter comes off.

We have the opportunity to have the safest, cleanest and cheapest water available. Why do Gerkin, Trombley and Beer keep avoiding this? We want aquifer sourced water now.

Don’t be misled, this is serious. The rise of hate crimes is tearing America apart. White nationalists are emboldened by Trump’s toxic rhetoric. Attacks will continue. Change needed. Must stop!

Men and women should not wear American flag bathing suits. They are no patriotic. They are offensive.

Make America great again. Really America is so barbaric when it comes to health care and education. What is more important in America O Right $.

Fox News has Chris Hahn with his noted liberal viewpoints on several shows almost every day. Name one conservative commentator that appear on those “other channels” regularly.

Happy faces are in for mugshots. I guess jail is better than working for a living. Give them bread and water in jail and more time.

Sad to see Trebek and Griffin involved with the current episodes of Jeopardy, which will turn out to be like the $64K Question. A complete sham.

Trump lies repeatedly, his staff lies for him, now we find out the Attorney General lies as well. Moral corruption is running rampant. This is not making America great again.

Pender teachers complaining about lack of support for rally from school board should remember that at the next election. Two excellent members defeated last election.

Teachers complaining about pay is ridiculous. Historically lowly paid yet they still CHOSE the profession.

Amusing watching Democrats criticizing Barr for “coming to his own conclusion” on obstruction, since it didn’t agree with theirs. He is the country’s’ Attorney General and top prosecutor. Ludicrous behavior.

I live in New Hanover County. Bravo to Pender County officials for keeping schools open May 1st to educate kids. Shame on New Hanover and Brunswick for giving in.

New Hanover teachers taking May 1 off to march sends the wrong message. They would have gained more support if they had chosen to stay and teach our kids.

Belville appeal of H2GO decision shows they have confused their headquarters and hindquarters. Get your wallets out, Belville citizens.

If 5/1 Buzzard really thinks all Americans hate Hillary then why did she get 3M more votes than Trump?

The Democrats will do anything to prevent Trump from accomplishing goals that will and have benefited Americans. For them it’s about getting power not helping Americans

Hard to believe there are still people who think teachers make $50k+ for 9 months of work (5/1 buzz). Please educate yourself before spreading inaccurate information.

What the Republicans can’t get over- more Americans approved of Hilary than Trump. And that in less than a year Trump has demonstrated just how unfit he is for the office.

I agree with letter about Wave Transit. Why should us taxpayers have to pay for something we don’t use?

It’s distressing that so many Buzzards are unable to distinguish Fox News propaganda from reality. MAGA must stand for “Make America Gullible Again.”

As a former NC teacher, I believe that rallying teachers are selfish. Your purpose is in the classroom. May 1 is a sad day for all students.

Fox News ratings blow out CNN, MSNBC. Therein lies the pulse of our country. We are all about personal responsibility. Hard work takes care of everything.

Where is all the money from the Education Lottery going? How can the school system be so woefully underfunded? Demand an investigation into the Ed. Lottery system. Something stinks here!

Do I have this right? It’s Obama’s fault that Trump’s people took information from Russians that they had obtained illegally. I feel like Alice in Wonderland.

Once again the right gets it wrong it was sex he was lying about! What is our POTUS lying about? Won’t show taxes, suing everyone under the sun!

Flew to Tampa last week. As I watched the other planes landing and taking off I realized we don’t give enough credit to our Air Traffic Controllers, the unsung heroes of the airways.

Watched the Barr testimony. Dems couldn’t come to terms with the Trump presidency or Kavanaugh being appointed to the Supreme Court and now Barr’s conclusion to the Mueller report.



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