ECC offers free education to qualified students | Local News

Local residents have a new opportunity to obtain a free education at Edgecombe Community College.

In an effort to help students and their families recover from the pandemic, Edgecombe Community College has created a new scholarship program called the Edgecombe Pledge, said Mary Tom Bass, director of public information for Edgecombe Community College.

People can learn more about the new Edgecombe Pledge scholarship program during an Open House that will be held from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday in the McIntyre Auditorium on the college’s Tarboro campus.

The new program aids a wider group of students than other scholarship opportunities have in the past. Beginning in the fall 2021 semester and extending through the spring 2023 semester, this initiative will fund in-state tuition and fees for all qualifying students.

“We are so excited about this initiative and hope it provides the assistance and encouragement for everyone who is interested in or needs to pursue an educational or workforce training credential,” ECC President Greg McLeod said. “Our sincere hope is that students and their families, bolstered by this additional assistance, will be better prepared to move forward out of the pandemic and emerge stronger for the future.”

The Edgecombe Pledge is for all degree-seeking students, full-time and part-time, who are North Carolina residents, and is not limited to those who just graduated from high school. Continuing education students also qualify for the Edgecombe Pledge if they are state residents and are enrolled in short-term workforce training programs leading to a state- or industry-recognized credential.

This program will pay for tuition and fees after all other sources of funding are exhausted. Funds to be used first are available from federal Pell Grants, the N.C. Longleaf Commitment Grant, additional federal and state programs, Golden LEAF Foundation, State Employees Credit Union and other private sources for scholarships, such as those offered by the Edgecombe Community College Foundation, Bass said.

“Edgecombe Community College is deeply grateful for federal and state dollars that have been made available to support this effort,” Bass said.

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