End of diversity plan causing student exodus from Waterloo Schools | Education News

By level, 87 of the requests are at the elementaries, 21 at the middle schools and 28 at the high schools.

“It’s definitely skewed toward our littlest learners,” said Lindaman, noting the district’s open enrollment requests are generally weighted toward early elementary grades. “Proportionally, it’s very heavily skewed toward our kindergarten class.”

That can be seen in the 29 Waterloo Schools’ open enrollment out requests accepted Monday by Cedar Falls Community Schools’ Board of Education. Nine requests were for kindergartners, five for first-graders and four for fourth-graders. One to three requests were made for students in the other elementary grades along with three sophomores and one senior.

The Cedar Falls board denied 15 other requests to open enroll in from Waterloo Schools. All but two were for students going into seventh- through ninth-grades. Cedar Falls Superintendent Andy Pattee said those denials related to capacity limits at the district’s two junior high schools. The other two at Cedar Falls High School were denied due to program needs.

Along with those 44, Waterloo Schools’ officials said they have received four other open enrollment out requests to Cedar Falls, and seven of the total are for the district’s virtual learning program.

Officials from other districts said they have so far accepted all the requests received for open enrollment out of Waterloo Schools. Before getting confirmation from Cedar Falls Schools, Waterloo administrators said 79 of the requests to open enroll out had been approved by the other districts while six had been cancelled.

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