From the Newsroom: Coverage of COVID-19 shifts

I continue to stand by my final prediction from March: A lot of the coverage will seem negative, but there will be “good news” stories too. And, remember, we aren’t getting sick as fast as we were last summer.

Thanksgiving edition

I know it’s the beginning of summer, but this week we were talking about the fall. Specifically, we are wondering what would you like to read about in the Thanksgiving Day issue of The Columbian.

My old boss, Lou Brancaccio, had a simple Thanksgiving rule: No bad news or gross photos on the front page. I like Lou’s rule; our newspaper is always a guest in your home, and on holidays we remember our manners. If there has to be bad news, play it on an inside page.

But the content question has become more complex since Lou retired a few years ago. To keep our production facilities from being overwhelmed, we print our Thanksgiving paper early, even before the Wednesday edition goes to press. In other words, the freshest news now appears in the Wednesday paper, not Thursday.

So what should we do? News Editor Merridee Hanson is already, in her words, “plotting and scheming.” Among the possibilities are a holiday gift guide, a retrospective on the year, and reprints of classic or historic news stories and pages. I think it would be fun to treat the Thanksgiving paper like a magazine and fill it with long, interesting stories that rarely make the cut. If you have some ideas, please send me an email. But no matter what we decide, you can rest assured we won’t be printing a lot of horrible news on the Thanksgiving front page.

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