Funny or cruel? Man teaches dog a lesson for tipping over bins

A naughty dog can be hugely frustrating! Destroying your furniture, chewing up shoes, and rummaging through the trash, trust me, I’ve had it all. Even going as far as digging up the lawn and eating my curtains!

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Then you hear from other people who have all the answers; rub the dog’s nose in the patch of dirt where he or she dug and that will apparently stop them from doing it again. But what do you do when your dog goes through your rubbish and leaves it all over the lawn?

One man seems to have had enough of his dog, or a random neighbour’s dog, who seems to have been having a feast in his bin. To teach him a lesson, he ‘helps’ the dog pick up the same rubbish he’s pulled out of the bin. 

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But is this video clip funny, or does it border on being cruel? Watch the video below and let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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