Funny Story of Failing Pug Duties


Everyone knows that Bruce Wayne is my fur kid. Yes, he’s completely spoiled. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Though Thursday night, I experienced something I don’t want to experience again. I had every emotion strike at the same time. I can’t believe that I let myself do what I just did!

Thursday night I came home, dropped my bag in the kitchen, and greeted an excited Bruce Wayne. I hooked him up to his leash, and we went back outside. While he was doing his bathroom duties, I was thinking I was finally going to introduce myself to my neighbors. I can be shy around people. Anyway, Bruce decided he needed to do “business” and I pick up once he’s done. Its a courtesy to myself, and the landlords who mow.

Once he got done, I stuck my hand in the poop bag and grabbed the stuff up. As soon as I stood up, my hand was moist and gross feeling. I froze. I looked at my hand. I saw my hand coming out from the bottom of the bag, and the bag wasn’t protecting my hand from the poop. I basically had a handful of freshly, fresh Bruce Wayne business. My instant reaction was to fling it out of my hand, dance around, shake and wipe my hand. I couldn’t do that. I would then have it ALL over the yard and I’d have to play detective to find it.

I quickly got another bag from the roll I keep on the leash. I say quickly, but it felt like days. One hand is completely out of commission, the other i’m using to hold the leash and trying to get out a bag, hoping the next bag is sealed. I’m trying not to squeeze the poo in my hand cause i’m in a bind. Bruce Wayne is tugging on the leash while sniffing. Then, I seen something that made me panic.

A Cat. A part of me died. Bruce hasn’t seen a lot of cats, and he thinks every one of them are his friends and he MUST sniff them. I looked at Bruce, he was still sniffing and was oblivious to “his friend”. I had to get out that new bag out before he started running and tugging me to go after the cat. I could only imagine the mess id make if that did happen.The cat must have heard my thoughts, it got out of eyesight. I desperately got the new bag opened and got everything out of my hand. The new bag wasn’t failing on me!!  I hurried Bruce Wayne in the house and washed my hands. BLEK!!!!

That whole tragic event may have lasted a 30 seconds. It was 30 seconds that I don’t want to relive. I know parents of kids have really tragic events with kids, diapers and diapers that just don’t hold anything, but this was mine. Maybe someday I’ll talk to the neighbors.


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