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Google Maps Street View has captured a young man who has enjoyed one too many drinks during a day out in Birmingham. The reveller – aptly named Luke Beer – was with friends when he was snapped by the Google car. Unfortunately, sales manager Beer was not captured at his best. Photos show him being carried along the pavement by two friends as another looks on. One pal hold’s his inebriated friend’s legs and the other grabs his torso.

However, Beer’s comatose state took a sudden change when they spotted the Google car in an unexpected plot twist.

Another shot from Street View shows Beer desperately running after the Google Maps car.

His arms are outstretched as he makes the mad dash as though he hopes to grab hold of the vehicle.

Not only was the embarrassing incident captured by the tech giant and immortalised online for all to see, but Beer was also spoken to by the media.

He identified himself after the footage went viral and told Birmingham Updates that since seeing himself, he is a “changed man”.

Beer explained: “Funny behaviour I completely forgot I even done it. This was the same night I decided to sleep outside my pals… cracking evening.

“I was a slightly hungover the next day, but A1 after a bit of grub! I would just like to thank Google for their perfect timing.”

The episode might have been mortifying for Beer and at least he is not alone in being caught by Google after a boozing session.

Another Google Maps photo, snapped in London shows a man vomiting in the street as a friend looks after him. 

To make the shot even grimmer, the pool of orange sick can be seen on the pavement.

He was captured sitting on a wall outside a set of open double doors – perhaps the establishment where he had too much to drink.

Another Google Maps Street View shot, taken in Paris shows a man in jeans and a T-shirt lying on the pavement. 

Tins of what appear to be alcoholic beverages can be seen to the left of the man as he lays flat on his back.

Clearly not feeling his best, the man has one arm swung over his face.

No friends appear to be around to help the man, who is alone on the roadside.

It is also not clear if he lives on the street or if he just decided to take a nap there on his way home.

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