Health officials warn against epidemics


Health officials in the district have warned the people here to maintain vigil against epidemics in the light of the floods and destruction caused by incessant rains.

They said many drinking water sources had been contaminated following floods and asked the people to take precautions against diarrhoea and leptospirosis. Diarrhoea could easily spread through contaminated water, they said, adding personal hygiene and clean surroundings were the best way to keep diseases at bay.

People were asked to drink only boiled water. The officials also warned people against mixing cold water and boiled water. A statement here on Sunday asked the people to wash their hands with soap before food and after using toilet. Vegetables in salad should be used only after washing them in clean water.

Wells should be chlorinated. Vigil should be maintained against flies. Anyone having diarrhoea should immediately start oral rehydration therapy by drinking tender coconut water or salted rice water. Health officials said that leptospirosis could spread through soil or water contaminated with the urine or faeces of rats. People, especially children, should stay away from ponded waters.

Labourers who enter drains, canals and paddy fields are more prone to contracting leptospirosis. Health officials said such labourers should take extra caution, take preventive medicines, and should use rubber gloves and long boots.

Officials advised those with wounds on hands and legs to stay away from work until the wounds were cured.


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