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Delhi High Court on Tuesday raised Twitter Inc on suspicion Violation of IT rules, 2021 and it is Doesn’t give Twitter protection The center was free to act on them. The court also said Twitter wants to work in India, so it needs to be compliant..

Delhi HC states that Twitter needs to be fully compliant with IT Rule 2021

The court’s view is after an additional attorney-at-law has submitted that the Dominion of India has given all important social media mediators (SSMIs) three months of time, from the last 42 days. Completely non-compliant from Twitter..

While postponing the matter on July 8, judge Rekha Palli asked Twitter lawyer Sr Sajan Poovayya to take a “clear position” from Twitter on compliance under the new IT rules. ..

The court also asked Twitter Inc’s lawyers to give clear instructions not only on the appointment of a grievance officer, but on all aspects pending compliance under the new rules.

I also expressed the bench Dissatisfaction with Twitter delays the appointment of a grievance officer.. Judge Leker Paris asked, “How long does your (Twitter) process take? If you think Twitter will take as long as you want in our country, we won’t allow it.” ..

The court added during the hearing that Twitter was against the law, saying it did not appoint a grievance officer required under the new IT rules. On the other hand, the senior advocate who appears on Twitter tried to receive clear instructions from Twitter in San Francisco, but could not connect due to the difference in time zone.

According to Twitter, the appointment of Resident Grivance Officer is in the final stages.

Twitter Inc recently told the High Court of Delhi that a microblogging site’s interim resident complaints officer was in the response. Withdrew his candidacy on June 21st And it was in the final stages of appointing a new person for the post of Resident Grivance Officer. The company said it was in the final stages of appointing a replacement, during which time Indian user complaints were being handled by the grievance officer.

Twitter also wrote in the reply: 2021. The relationship between the complainant and the respondent (Twitter) is contractual, as explained more specifically above. Therefore, the written petition cannot be maintained. “

The petition was filed on May 26, 2021 by Delhi lawyer Amit Acharya through defenders Akash Vajpai and Manish Kumar.

Twitter violates land law, says Center

In an affidavit filed with the High Court of Delhi, the Center said on Monday that Twitter Inc did not comply with 2021 IT rules as of July 1, 2021.

No Chief Compliance Officer has been appointed, the position of the Resident Complaint Officer is vacant, and the position of the Node Liaison Officer is (provisionally) vacant, indicating that he will be there on May 29. The physical contact address that was given. , 2021 will not be available again on Twitter’s website, the affidavit of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) states.

The center is also A non-compliance is equivalent to a violation of the 2021 IT rules. This will cause Twitter Inc to lose the liability granted under Section 79 (1) of the IT Act 2000. IT rules, 2021 is a national law, which Twitter Inc is required to comply with..

“The exemption granted to an intermediary under Section 79 (1) is a conditional exemption subject to an intermediary who meets the conditions under Sections 79 (2) and 79 (3). As you can see, if you do not comply with the IT rules, the consequences of 2021 will not apply to such intermediaries under the provisions of Article 79 (1) of the 2000 IT Act, “read the affidavit.

The court instructed the central government to give Twitter Communication India Private Limited and Twitter Inc the instructions necessary to appoint a resident complaint officer without delay under Rule 4 of Rule 2021 of Information Technology (Interim Guidelines and Digital Code of Ethics). I was listening to a petition for. ..

Petitioners have been petitioned by Twitter Communication India Private Limited & Twitter Inc for violations of the 2021 Information Technology (Interim Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) rules, seeking appropriate warrants or instructions from respondents. I said there is. The Center Government and Twitter will carry out statutory and enforcement obligations under the 2021 Information Technology (Interim Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) Regulations.

According to Rule 4 (c) of the IT Rule, all important social media intermediaries must appoint a Resident Complaint Officer responsible for the functions mentioned in Subrule (2) in accordance with Section (b). there is. Rule 3 stated the petition.

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