Joni Koro’s Funny Instagram Post About Traveling With Camille Co

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Camille Co and Joni Koro recently traveled around Europe after tying the knot on April 11 in Siena, Italy. They’ve been posting pics of the places they visited, such as Piazza del Duomo and Amalfi Coast in Italy, and Costa Nova and Douro Valley in Portugal.

Yesterday, Joni, who still considers himself a blogger jowa even in marriage, posted another travel photo. This time, it was of Camille taking a selfie with him at the back, struggling with the luggage.

He captioned it, “Madame doing what madame does the best, supervising the work.” He ended his post with the funniest hashtags: #JowalalayForLife and #JusawalalayPala.

It looks like fellow blogger jowas Slater Young and Miggy Cruz were right. On Joni and Camille’s wedding, the Blogger Jowas Instagram page told Joni, “Ganap na asawawa ka na!” LOL!

Seriously, though: Joni is a helluva blogger jowa. #Respect.

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