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We are finally emerging from the holiday season and it is nice to be back to my regular routine. Over the past few weeks, I have spent many hours in the car as I traveled back and forth for Christmas and New Years celebrations. The traveling hasn’t even slowed as I am driving to Duluth this weekend for a wedding expo. With all of this experience of passing the time in the car, I wanted to share some tips with you that I have found to be useful for myself for car rides.

My first tip for surviving long car rides is to always bring snacks. For me, packing a bag full of a variety of snacks is key. I like to try to grab both healthy and sweet snacks. Instead of only bringing chips and candy, grab some fruit and veggies to help get you through the drive. This will also help reduce the number of stops you have to make and will reduce the amount of fast food and gas station food you have to buy.

The second tip I have is to bring a “fun bag.” That is what I can my bag of activities to do in the car. Your contents of your “fun bag” might look different than mine depending on what you like to do. For me, a couple of magazines, my computer and some sort of small craft will help pass the time for me. I don’t like to bring a book with because I will start to feel a bit car sick if I read too much. Magazines usually have many pictures and are easy to quickly flip through. I do not always bring my computer, but if it’s a car ride that is more than four hours, it is nice to have it in case I have some work to do or want to work on other projects. Lastly, a craft to do such as embroidery gives me something to do with my hands.

My last tip for surviving your next long car ride is to always have something to listen to. This will vary from person to person. If I am traveling by myself, I prefer to listen to podcasts or audiobooks rather than music. For me, this passes the time better and I can learn about interesting things. If I am traveling with others, a road trip playlist can be fun for everyone to listen to and sing-a-long to. If you are driving by yourself, create the playlist before you leave so you do not have to look at your phone while driving.

There are many other tips for surviving long car rides but I hope that these few will at least remind you to be prepared the next time you hit the open road. Safe travels.

Emily Carlson is the editor of the Lifestyle Section. Her column appears each Saturday.


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