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Misses non-facts, innuendo

EDITOR: I miss the Buzzes. I always looked forward to reading them. Yes, many were laced with non-facts, personal innuendo, and were blindly partisan, but it gave the subscriber the ability to quickly voice their opinion.

Now the only avenue to express your opinion is a letter to the editor every two weeks. Although letters to the editor are useful in their own right, they are not helpful when everyday news reporting is biased and a reader is not able to quickly respond to the obvious biased reporting. Since your paper does not reflect the community’s independent and conservative subscribers, the Buzzes can at least give the subscriber a partial reason to keep buying your newspaper. Please bring back the Buzzes!

David Bennett, Wilmington

What the numbers say

EDITOR: President Trump has been on a mission to let everyone know his U.S. economy is the strongest in history and in all the world. The reason you do not see this same evaluation in any of the worlds news agencies is that it just is not true. The only source stating these claims is the president.

If you look at job creation, the Department of Labor shows Bill Clinton’s tenure had 16.5% growth, Obama had 11.6%, GW Bush had 4.2% and Trump now has 3.1%. Trump would have to add 14 million jobs to his existing count of 4.7 million to equal that of Clinton.

The stock market is a simple comparison and the data comparing presidents is available online. If we look at the first 650 days in office of the last four presidents, Obama had a 46% growth, Clinton a 29% growth and Trump was third at 25%. GW Bush was a negative 26%. Obama ended his second term with a total growth of 182%, a surprise to most who view his presidency as a failed economy.

President Trump asked us to not trust what we see and hear and if you look at the facts on the economy you can see why.

John Lauer, Southport

Don’t blame Trump

EDITOR: I was disturbed that the writer of “We need change” dated Aug. 15 would blame President Trump for the shooting in El Paso. Remember the shooter in Dayton was a Warren supporter, and the shooter of Steve Scalise was a Sanders supporter. We have never blamed Obama, or any previous president, for the shootings that occurred when they were in office. Additionally, our media is not focused on the amount of shooting that goes on every month in a number of our largest cities.

The chant at the Trump rally should be taken for what it is: anger and frustration at the anti-Semitism of the four Democratic congresswomen. The perpetrators of violence are white, black, Hispanic and Muslim. …

Roberta Curtis, Holly Ridge

Government by resentment

EDITOR: Amid recession fears and a looming economic slowdown that he wants to ignore, Donald Trump maintains his default position at MAGA rallies with a familiar litany of grievances, apocalyptic language, and finger-pointing. This president is an authoritarian menace who has decided that resentment and cultural anxiety will be the trademark of his reelection campaign. It’s the turf he’s happiest playing on, and it’s all he’s got.

Kenny Shoulars, Wilmington

Our political war

EDITOR: I am very concerned about our great country. The political and media bashing of President Trump is worse than I have ever seen in this country for any president. I can see why the Democrats were disappointed when Trump won the election, but Republicans disliked President Obama’s policies and did not treat him as disrespectful as President Trump is treated.

I know many Democrats thought Trump colluded with Russia but after two years of investigation and no collusion decision they will not let it go.

I don’t like the bullying tweets that President Trump makes, but he is a very moderate Republican and would be wide open to negotiating with the Democrats to pass bills that would improve our country.

I don’t know how we will ever mend this hatred not only between the politicians but the American people. The news media and the political rhetoric continually make this worse.

If we don’t stop this political bashing at the current level we can only expect the next president Democrat or Republican will go through the same thing.

The news media must report correct factual information with no spin so the American public can have good information with which to make informed decisions when voting. If we continue on our current path we will end up in a political civil war.

Melvin Miller, Wilmington

Voters’ voices ignored

EDITOR: I was brought up to believe elected officials should be responsive to voters, and that one’s vote should count. Brunswick County Commissioners for over a year have completely ignored sizeable groups of people requesting that they take a stand on seismic testing and offshore drilling.

In the past year, Southport aldermen have twice voted for proposals which have been opposed by their planning board and many residents. How are we to encourage new voters when it seems hopeless? Sigh….

Yvonne Moody, Southport

Protect the soil, too

EDITOR: I am encouraged by the outcry to protect our Grandmother Oak trees on Market Street, and pleased to hear the company intends to save the trees.

In “The Hidden Life of Trees”, Peter Wohlleben draws on scientific discoveries, describing how trees are like human families: interconnected and interdependent in a delicate web of life, sustaining each other, tree parents live together and communicate with and support their children as they grow; they share nutrients with trees who are sick or struggling; they react and even warn each other of impending dangers.

Old-growth trees and forests serve as carbon dioxide vacuums, water pumps for stormwater management, watershed protection for our drinking water, and essential habitat for wildlife. The soil in which mature trees live teems with life. One single handful of undisturbed soil contains more lifeforms than the human population of planet earth! These include up to 50 billion bacteria, 100 million fungi, microscopic nematodes and arthropods.

It takes over 600 years for a forest to naturally self-seed and thrive, but only if that piece of land is free from human intervention. By comparison, we are warned we have only 12 years to take action to limit a global catastrophe due to climate change.

The Cape Fear Region is developing at an alarming rate. Our residents are weary of losing green space to pavement, housing, and what seems like non-essential, duplicate retail. We are violently disturbing bionetworks and replacing them with concrete, lifeless soil and a few saplings.

Our officials should be more thoughtful when granting permits for development. …

Susan Savia,Carolina Beach

Turtles and seismic blasting

EDITOR: Conservation efforts have resulted in a record number of sea turtle hatchlings this year. Nature directs them to leave the nest and propel themselves to the ocean. Once reaching the water they swim for 24-48 hours to reach the Sargassum (seaweed) in the Gulf Stream (15-20 miles from their nests) where they spend the next 2-10 years in the calm ocean currents.

With all the threats to these turtles (plastic mistaken for food, entanglement in fishing fear, predators, etc.) it is presently estimated that only one in 10,000 will live the 25-30 years to adulthood. Now a new threat, seismic blasting, is liable to negate all the conservation efforts.

Permits extend 520 miles from the NC Coast well into the Sargassum Sea. Seismic blasts can kill all creatures in proximity and the blast sound waves cause disturbance to all sea creatures, including sea turtles, for up to 2,500 miles from the source of the blasts.

Threatened or endangered sea turtle populations appear now to be recovering, but they may not survive this new threat of seismic blasting. Ask the Brunswick County Board of Commissioners for a resolution opposing seismic testing. Enlist Representative Iler, who recommended that the Loggerhead Turtle be the official NC State reptile, to enthusiastically support their protection by opposing seismic blasting. …

Kathleen Kitchings, Oak Island

Global warming charlatans

EDITOR: We have been repeatedly told that when atmospheric CO2 rose to 400 parts per million that earth would reach a tipping point and temperature would rise dramatically with drastic effects. Do you know how 400 parts per million as the tipping point was calculated? Have you ever seen a scientist methodically explain those calculations?

The reason that you have not seen those calculations is because they do not exist. 400 parts per million was picked as the “tipping point” because climate alarmists knew that number was going to be reached soon and they needed a number to alarm us. There is no science to back up their claim. None. Models whose bias is not known or shown and that don’t accurately predict what has happened are not science. Failed models are all the climate change alarmists have. There is no scientific proof about 400 ppm being the “tipping point”.

Do you really believe that any of us can control the earth’s temperature?

When Prince Harry and Meghan, Al Gore, and Barack Obama start riding bicycles and living in tiny houses, I’ll worry about climate change.

Work for a clean environment, but do not allow yourself to be manipulated by anti-scientific charlatans.

Colin Eagles, Wrightsville Beach



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