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A unique, local animal rescue is searching for a new home. Animal Nature Sanctuary is an all-species rescue serving Spokane County. It’s mainly run by Oriana Nitya.


“I do all the legwork and running around, and the more dangerous rescues, like skunks, hawks, things like that,” Oriana said. 


Her love for animals runs deep. She had a complication at birth that lingered into childhood, making her a target for some of her classmates growing up. 


“I got a lot of bullying and stuff like that, but I always had this thing with animals, they didn’t seem to mind me at all,” she said.


As she grew up, she worked in animal shelters, took some veterinary classes, and earned several certifications in animal care.


She found her true calling a few years ago, when she helped start a certified non-profit called Animal Nature Sanctuary, one of the only all-species, no-kill animal rescues in Spokane. The rescue operates on donations, but Oriana ends up funding most of it herself. She’s paid countless vet bills for rescued animals out of her own pocket. 


“The need has been getting so great with so many cases getting in the news, so many abuses, so many hoardings, that we decided that we need to really step up,” she said.


Right now, she helps operate the rescue in-home, with the help of vetted volunteers who foster the rescue’s animals until they can be adopted. To better serve the need in our community, she needs a permanent location. 


Several local businesses have started pitching in to help her find a property that fits the rescue’s needs, but she still needs donations to make it happen.


“When we get help from someone, it’s just amazing, we are so thankful to get it. It’s not just one more name to add, this is a deeply personal thing for us,” Oriana said.


She said the long-term goal would be to purchase 1,000 acres and open a large animal sanctuary in Spokane County that could help relieve pressure on local shelters, and give all species a place to go for rescue or rehabilitation. For now, she’s just searching for a brick and mortar location to allow the shelter to grow and help more animals in our community.


If you want to get involved, you can find more information by clicking HERE.


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