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Mark Wahlberg says eating 11,000 calories to put together for a new movie is “about an hour of fun.”

The actor piled up about £ 20 for his role in “Stu”, and it’s “difficult” because he had to eat a lot of food even if he wasn’t hungry. I admit that it was “physical.”

“Unfortunately, I had to burn 7,000 calories in two weeks and 11,000 calories in two weeks. And it was fun for about an hour. It’s very hard and physical. Losing weight, a little It’s hard, I just exercise without eating. Now, even when I’m full, I wake up after a meal and eat again. I ate every three hours. It wasn’t. It’s fun. “

Mark admits that it was even more difficult as he was older and his metabolism was slowing down.

At tonight’s show with Jimmy Fallon, she added: “When your metabolism starts to slow down, it gets really hard. I’ve been trying to make this movie for 6 years, but I only had 30 days to shoot. I really wanted to do that. Lots of myself I was also crazy about raising money for it. I knew I was ticking on my dime, so I could get things done as soon as that happened. “

Mark’s personal chef, Lawrence Durand, recently revealed that the actor will start eating at 3 am.

Lawrence shared a meal plan and said: “Morning usually starts around 3am and the first breakfast is 4 eggs. This is before breakfast. After that, we train and usually 5-6 hours after training. In the morning time, 8 eggs Do a piece, 6 bacon, 1 cup of rice, 2 tablespoons of olive oil, a protein shake. And after 3 hours, with another rice, whether or not it is hamburger patties or meat loaf, there is Make mashed beef or mashed turkey. “

Mark Wahlberg Calorie Trouble | Entertainment News

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