Matt Heath’s interesting toilet hack


WARNING: Contains bathroom humour.

Even though we are all adults here (well, most of us) we’re still not above a tiny bit of toilet humour to bring a smile to the dial.

Radio Hauraki lads Jeremy Wells and Matt Heath love to discuss some tips for better living and Matt reckons he has a stonker.

“I can’t wait to hear the life hack,” says Jerry.

“Okay, point one, your downstairs is generally clean because in the morning you shower and you put it away in a case – your undies. And then you put a pair of pants or jeans over top of it. So it is solidly clean and put away and it doesn’t touch anything,” says Matt.

“The second point is that your hands touch everything. So the order that we clean our hands after going for a number one is all out of whack. You should wash your hands before you take your number one, before you put your hands on your downstairs because you are much much many more magnitudes more likely to put disease and bacteria and germs from your hands to your downstairs.”

“So essentially the idea is clean before you ween…. wash before you splosh.”

Watch the hilarious clip above!


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