New commission can make city diverse, interesting | Letters To Editor


The voters have transformed the commission. It is a good time to consider why.

The citizens do not see ourselves as part of the progressive political movement and we do not desire to be dragged by the perceptions of a few.

The arts district is not the answer to every question as to where to spend money and what is positive about Paducah. If the art school eventually becomes like Savannah’s SCAD then you may have reason to reconsider. Savannah is thriving because it is beautiful, safe, filled with things to do, diverse and SCAD is a financial asset. We, by contrast, are safe.

The prior commission devoted untold hours solving non-existing or perceived issues because other larger Kentucky cities perceived they did. When asked why we were going there, the answer in chorus was because they (the larger cities) did it and we should follow. Why?

The fire and police department in Paducah work. Do not make them sacrificial lambs for Frankfort’s destroying the viability of the pension programs. Take the money from places that don’t work and make those areas reinvent themselves as viable, contributing departments. The city manager should audit personnel and budgets in every department.

We spend too much of our tax funds on consultants. The recent change to the intersection of Pecan and Buckner resulted in stop signs for less than $1,000 after spending over $15,000 with consultants divining options. At the presentation your city engineer would not let the consultants be heard with their reasoning over difference to his own voice. If our departments and their respective leaders cannot propose reasonable solutions and alternatives to common problems, then find people who can.

Work to make the city beautiful, safe, diverse and an interesting place to live, and business, jobs, people and hotels without enticement will follow.


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