New program looks to boost business expansion in county


The Adams County Board has signed off a plan, they hope will boost business expansion.

The PACE Program, which stands for Property Assessed Clean Energy Program, is a financing program that allows businesses to buy clean energy equipment.

The program in Adams County would only be available for larger commercial and industrial projects.

Finance Committee Chairman Bret Austin says the program is unique for our area, in that Adams County is the first downstate county in the state to authorize one of these programs.

“We can use it as a tool to have companies come here and see us as a better place to do business,” said Austin.
“We are in a challenging atmosphere in Illinois and we need to look at all the tools that are at our disposal, for sure”

Austin says they’ll now begin to market this program to businesses here at home to see if they want to retrofit their industry. He does say two major companies in the area have already expressed interest in it. However, an application process has to be established before companies can take advantage of the program.


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