New technology is keepingpeople safe thanks to MACF


The Arc of Midland is updating a program that provides a vital collaboration between its organization, families who have a loved one with autism or dementia, and law enforcement.

Ten years ago, The Midland Area Community Foundation provided funding to The Arc of Midland to start Project Lifesaver. The concept is simple: A person who might wander away from caregivers and not be able to fend for himself of herself wears a bracelet that has a small radio transmitter. If they become lost, law enforcement can use radio receivers to find the person more quickly. In the past 10 years, many families have been given peace of mind through the program.

Today, technology has changed dramatically and GPS is the new standard. The MACF provided $30,000 to The Arc of Midland to purchase new GPS equipment and ensure that families and law enforcement are fully trained on how to use the new system. Angel Sense was the product chosen.

The grant has funded the purchase of new GPS devices for all current Project Lifesaver participants and will allow for new participants as well.

The Midland County Sheriff and Midland City Police departments continue to be involved and work together with The Arc of Midland to enroll and communicate with families who participate.

This system is for anyone who is vulnerable and may be in jeopardy if they become separated from caregivers. To learn more about this lifesaving system, contact Laurel Bucci at The Arc of Midland at 989-631-4439.


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