Onion Price Hike Gets Made Into Funny Memes! These Jokes and TikTok Videos Will Give a Res…


Onion Price Hike Gets Made Into Funny Memes! These Jokes and TikTok Videos Will Give a Respite From The Pinch in Your Pocket, Or Maybe Not!

Onion price hike memes (Photo Credits: Twitter)

The prices of onions continue to soar in the country, with the vegetable crossing Rs 100 mark per kg. A staple in the kitchen, the price rise is pinching a hole in everyone’s pocket and there does not seem to be a respite soon. Traders have said the prices are expected to low down only around mid-December. While all households are managing their way to make do with the rising prices, some netizens are finding it a topic to make memes and jokes. With onion prices hitting so high each passing day, the funny memes on them are the only respite you can have it seems. Arvind Kejriwal Government Requests Centre to Make Onion Available at Rs 15.60 Per Kg Instead of Rs 60.

The unseasonal rains in Maharashtra destroyed most of the crops in the state which has lessened the produce. A similar situation was seen in other states too. So while everyone discussed the price hike, some netizens have made it content for making memes and jokes. If you too are hassled with the rising prices of the staple vegetable then probably these memes and jokes can be the source of little respite. Check some of the funny memes on onion price hike in the country. Pakistani Bride Wears Tomatoes as Jewelry to Mock Govt Over Skyrocketing Prices, Watch Viral Video.

How High Are The Prices

Onions Have Become So Precious 

There are TikTok Videos Too


Kya Tumhare Paas Onion Hai?

Onion Right Now!

The rains have destroyed several hectares of farmlands. Due to the shortage of supply, the price of bulb shot up to as high as Rs 5,551 per quintal in the Lasalgaon wholesale market in Maharashtra. Unless there are imports of the bulb, the prices are said to soar.


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