People in Business 2019: Stupid good food at Eats-N-Ales


New ideas, new food, and new flavors are premiering at Eats-N-Ales.

According to co-owner, Chelsea Kemp, business has been very good in the months since their grand opening.

“It’s a learning experience,” said Kemp as she reflected on the last few months. She explained that the eatery experienced a couple slow spells but business certainly spiked due to the warm summer weather.

Eats-N-Ales has introduced several new menu items like beef lamb euros and stupid good onion rings. The onion rings have quickly become one of Kemp’s favorites. Kemp plans to have a constantly evolving menu that introduces new dishes based on the season. Right now she plans to revamp the menu in the fall.

Eats-N-Ales is located inside Drastic Measures Brewery at 101 Jefferson St S in Wadena.


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