‘Ready or Not’ review: A gory, dark & funny film that keeps viewers on the edge of their s…


A foster child with no real family of her own, Grace (Weaving) gets married to the love of her life Alex (O’Brien) and finally arrives at his palatial ancestral home to meet the family. The filthy rich Le Domas family has made a fortune in board games.

Soon after the wedding, Grace is informed about the family’s initiation ritual. Any person marrying into the family must, at midnight on the wedding night, play a randomly selected game. In a game of hide and seek, Alex’s brother Daniel (Brody), mother Becky (MacDowell), sister Emilie (Scrofano), father Tony (Czerny) and aunt Helene (Guadagni) look on Grace as fair game for a killing, while the new bride finds herself trying to stay alive till dawn. Grace, however, is no damsel in distress and makes a formidable foe to the murderous clan.

‘Ready or Not’ is a semi-comic thriller and may seem macabre at times, but the directorial duo of Bettinelli-Olpin and Gillett keep the narrative eventful and thrilling. The movie has some genuinely funny moments weaved into the horror and suspense. The cinematography and background score also have a strong contribution. Weaving, as the wide-eyed bride, is the star of the film. Her grit and resilience make it easy for the audience to root for her. O’Brien is convincing as Alex and so is Brody, who plays his brother torn between his sensibilities and family values.

A step up from your regular horror film, ‘Ready or Not’ is gory, dark and funny, and will keep viewers on the edge of their seats.


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