Some news to consider as you make your travel plans

Dianne Newcomer

Even when my mother threatened to drop us off at the next rest stop, we refused to stop asking the age-old question plaguing every summer vacation trip:  “Are we there yet?”

I often feel a little like that kid in the back seat all over again as I arrange travel in a world pandemic.  Yes! I see borders opening, take note of  the no-mask wearing and the lack of social distancing and even rejoice that cruises and tours are re-starting all around us.  Things are definitely cranking up; my clients are eager to go again. Yet, the question remains: “Are we there yet?”

Without a doubt, It has been a rough road, and there are sure to be more bumps along the way, but my fear is if we wait until all the bumps are smoothed out, we could be waiting for the rest of our lives! When Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of England, announced covid restrictions would be lifted on July 19, he also added, “we are going to just have to learn to live with this virus.” 

Maybe he is right: that someday is now.

After all, when the TSA reported that more people boarded airplanes on July 1st than on the same date in July, 2019, it proves ready or not, lift-off is happening! The world has been in the doldrums for too long. Being shutdown did not teach us patience. Instead, it stirred a fervent desire to go, see, and do while we can,  and the world is waiting.

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