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I will be responding to the article released by the Lowell Sun on Saturday on “U.S. states join global push to ban animal-tested cosmetics,” by the Associated Press.

The U.S. is now joining a global to push to ban animals-tested cosmetics. For years cosmetic companies would test their products on animals to see if there was any reaction from it. This would cause harm to some animals.

Relating back to the article there has been a growing number of states in the U.S. that have considered banning the sale or import of cosmetics that have been tested on animals. To advocate the use of testing products such as lotion, shampoos, and make up on rabbits, mice, and rats is cruel and outdated.

My thoughts are no matter what the animal is they should not be used to test beauty products. Testing cosmetic products on animals is cruel and inhumane. It should not happen. Another point is that not all individuals have the same skin, they are different and animal skin is not the same as our skin so it can have a different reaction. So, if we are testing cosmetics on an animal and if there is a reaction from it that does not mean the same reaction will occur on humans.

Let’s stop testing cosmetics on our animals.

— Megan RobinsonTyngsboro


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