Taste & Sounds of Goleta Old Town serves food, wine and beer

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Tastes – Sounds of Goleta Old Town…

GOLETA, Calif. – People enjoyed some unusual beers at Taste & Sounds of Goleta Old Town on Saturday.

The Goleta Sanitary District served a brew made out of recycled wastewater.

“Renew Brew is made out of recycled wastewater and we are here to talk about wastewater re-use,” said district engineer Steve Wagner.

Wagner said it seems silly to let the water go to waste.

“We made fantastic beers, and we want to share them with the community,”

Other breweries ran out of their favorite pale ales.

Bartender Taylor Curtis said they ran out of a grapefruit flavored IPA and a blonde ale.

The beers helped wet the appetites of locals, tourists and politicians.

“I think all events that really bring out our community and invite local small businesses to participate are really great opportunities for us to get to know what small businesses are out here,” said 37th Assembly Member Monique Limon. 

Organizers hope people will come back to enjoy what family owned and operated businesses have to offer in Goleta.

“There is a lot more to Hollister than people realize and this is a great way to experience it,” said Community Association member Mark Navarro.

Some of the money raised will help fund others events including a holiday parade.

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