The Buzz at PS 254, The Rosa Parks School in Richmond Hill


The following stories were submitted for a School Spotlight at PS 254Q, The Rosa Parks School Magnet School for Leadership Development and the Arts in Richmond Hill, by a pair of elementary school students.

3K is the Place to Be! By Diana Lopez

Our school just got a whole lot cuter thanks to our new students in 3K! This is  a totally new program, not only for our school, but it is something that is new  to many New York City schools. To help us get the program going, we took Ms. Niko, left, one of the best kindergarten teachers, and made her the very first 3K teacher. But, she is not alone doing the job, she has the help of another familiar face, Ms. Immel. They are the ultimate team and it’s obvious, because the students are having so much  fun and learning so many things in their classroom.

Our school sets goals, even in 3K! The first goal the 3Kers have for themselves is “I can explore the classroom,” because this is their first time in a classroom. They are making this goal happen by learning in many different centers that focus on music, art, math, science and more. One of the most fun activities I saw was students having fun making their own creations with Play-Doh in the art center. Students were very calm and happy to be in their classroom.

When I asked the students what their favorite part of school was, the answer I received over and over was listening to Ms. Niko reading different books. Some of the books they have enjoyed so far include “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?” and “The Wide-Mouthed Frog.” They have really good taste because these books are fun to read. We are so proud of our newest students and we can’t wait to help them and watch them become leaders of PS 254!   

5th Grade Reading and Learning By Tamanna Ahmed  

This year fifth grade has two new faces in Room 425, Mr. R. and Mrs. Munnelly.

Mrs. Munnelly isn’t totally new because she has taught fifth grade before, but she didn’t teach fifth-grade last year. Mr. R. is totally new to the grade and based on my research and the students, he is the perfect man for the job!

The fifth-graders kicked off the year with a spooky book, “The Thief of Always.” As they are reading, they are focusing on the conflicts of their characters, who are receivers. Although the book is really fun to read, it can be scary, and the book itself says that all who read it will be cursed, so reader beware! The most exciting thing that students are getting prepared for is a performance at our first “Readers Are Leaders” pep rally. The goal of this performance is to tell other kids, old and young, how fun and important it is to read.

They are working on the ideas for the performance after meeting with the librarian from the Woodhaven Library, Mr. Ken. Mr. Ken, top right, inspired them to get involved after telling them all about reading and his career encouraging kids to read more by telling stories, reading stories and singing songs from books. We can’t wait to see what they come up with.    

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