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Another news flash: the majority of SN readers don’t write to the buzz, but they love Celia! She always makes me smile on Sunday

March 17 buzzer insinuated killing unborn babies wrong. Any more wrong than Trump separating them from parents, many for life, after they’re born? At least, no lifetime stress on babies!

Trump’s attacks on Senator McCain are despicable and mean. Be certain that you’re incapable of stepping in the shoes of this American hero, nor your legacy be honored like McCain.

A Buzzer bemoaned the plight of the Central African Republic. They (CAR) stupidly keep unrestrained reproduction, outstrip their food and nature dictates they die off. Practice Birth Control or Abortion.

42 members of Congress retiring/resigning have $50M in campaign funds leaving with them. FEC has little oversight. Could be why we have 20+ potential 2020 Presidential candidates accepting huge contributions.

Re: End Concealed Carry: Better a CC person with 8 hrs training and extensive background check by sheriff than someone from hood with stolen gun and craving for money/drugs.

Tremendous thank you to individual who acknowledged superb job a thoughtful environment-conscientious neighbor is doing along Porters Neck Rd. One correction-his route ends at circle, not Hwy 17.

Without condemning white supremacy, acting like a despot, Trump sends 50 horrendous and disturbing weekend tweets on illogical and absurd topics. Signs of a sick fading man incapable of leadership.

To “An Uncivil President” 2/16/19: Trump’s point is that there is no reason for impeachment, evidence to FISA court was fabricated. Understandable you don’t know this–media didn’t cover it.

Voter I.D. passed — still not right. Plenty of issues voted in by majority were not “right.” Slavery, women not voting, non-whites not voting, etc. Don’t abridge right of voting.

If you’re not already a faithful viewer of “CBS Sunday Morning,” a 90-minute newsmagazine that has aired for more than 40 years, you’re missing the best show on broadcast TV.

I have ancestors who were killed fighting in the Civil War. I figure my reparation bill was paid 155 years ago.

As a single senior woman still working, I can’t afford to go to most plays, concerts, or Olli classes in Wilmington. Is there a creative way this could be solved?

Just read a two-year-old very personal story from Detroit “Free Press” columnist Mitch Albom that mentioned Haiti has only one (1) MRI machine in the whole country. How is that possible?

The only person responsible for these mass shootings is the person doing the shooting, why is this so difficult to understand.

Don’t listen to the naysayers, Joe Biden. You have a lot of experience, a good brain and a big heart. All things we desperately need in America. Explain the past and leave it there. Run now. Run hard.

Enjoyed Dana Milbank article March 19 but his points are obvious. When you elect a Republican corporations are running the government. Why do you think we don’t have health care?

Why are we still fighting Isis in Syria? We were told, with no ambiguity, by someone 2 months ago, that Isis was defeated and all our troops were returning.

I’ve served Church and other boards. Rarely, if ever does anyone refer to bylaws or other rules. It’s irresponsible to not hold the ED, president, minister or leader accountable.

New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern, with an unspeakable tragedy, is leading her country with comfort, inspiration, love, new gun control, and a condemnation of white nationalism. God bless NZ.

If the Democrats have 21st century technological solutions for illegal immigration protection, why haven’t they submitted and implemented them? Build the wall Mr. President and implement new technology.


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