The Northern Kentucky Health Department releases annual report, highlights accomplishments


The Northern Kentucky Health Department has released its 2018-2019 Annual Report, highlighting the work it has accomplished to prevent disease, promote wellness and protect against health threats.

Highlights of Accomplishments 

Clinical Services            

* Through a grant from Gilead Sciences, and in partnership with the Norton Healthcare Foundation, NKY Health expanded hepatitis C screenings, linking those who test positive to treatment. In the first six months of the pro- gram, 343 screenings were completed at our four county health centers.

* Partnerships with HealthPoint Family Care and Williamstown Head Start helped eligible families overcome barriers to participating in the WIC Supplemental Nutrition Program. During FY 2019, 9,519 clients received WIC and/or nutrition therapy services provided by NKY Health.

* Collaboration with the Brighton Recovery Center provided over 180 women’s health services to women in ad- diction recovery.

NKY Health, in partnership with St. Elizabeth Healthcare and the KY Fire Commission (who provided the mo- bile unit), began operating a mobile syringe access exchange program in Newport and Covington. This pro- gram provides services to prevent overdose deaths and the spread of diseases like HIV and hepatitis C in the community.

Environmental Health

* The first Food Safety Summit in Northern Kentucky was held for food service operators and the general public. This event was funded by a grant from the federal Food and Drug Administration to improve standards of under-performing food service establishments.

* Staff helped control the spread of hepatitis A by providing educational outreach and materials on hepatitis A protective measures to restaurants, schools, childcare facilities, and other facilities in NKY that serve at-risk populations. They also investigated such facilities when hepatitis A cases were reported.

Population Health

* NKY Health worked with St. Elizabeth Healthcare to implement routine HIV and hepatitis C testing, and vacci- nation for hepatitis A, for high-risk patients in their emergency departments. This partnership helped support our efforts to address both the hepatitis A outbreak and the increase in HIV among people who inject drugs in the region.

* Staff facilitated wellness policy development and improvement using the WellSAT 2.0 with five public school districts: Williamstown Independent Schools, Dry Ridge Elementary School, Holy Cross Elementary School, Florence Elementary School, and Southgate Independent School District. Improvements included creating safer environments for physical activity and promoting healthy eating.

National Reaccreditation:

NKY Health achieved national re-accreditation by the Public Health

Accreditation Board. We were 1 of 3 local health departments in the U.S. to demonstrate a commitment to quality, improvement and advancement.

Disease Prevention:

* 17,741 people were served in our four county health centers.

* 4,600 individuals most at-risk for hepatitis A were vaccinated by public health nurses to prevent its spread during the outbreak.

* 5,285 children in NKY schools received oral health services such as cleanings, fluoride and dental sealants to prevent tooth decay.

Over 18,000 environmental health services were provided, including restaurant inspections.

Promote Wellness:

*Williamstown became the first city in NKY to implement a comprehensive smoke-free ordinance.

*Five communities in NKY completed active transportation initiatives that promote walking, running and biking for all residents.

*Eligible adults in Boone, Campbell and Kenton Counties received 2,360 services from area dentists contracting with NKY Health.

Protect Against Health Threats

* 820 radon testing kits were provided to residents living in our four counties. Breathing radon increases your risk of lung cancer, and testing is the only way to determine your home’s radon levels.

* 2,224 naloxone kits were distributed in NKY to reverse opioid overdoses and prevent overdose deaths.

* As part of a special project, over 1,000 vouchers for free Nicotine Replacement Therapy were redeemed by Covington residents trying to quit smoking.

1,538 people exchanged used needles and syringes for sterile ones to help stop the spread of hepatitis C and HIV in NKY.

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